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News Articles top ^
  • BBC News – Have Your Say
    This quality BBC site takes current topics and provides short articles for you to read. You can then join in the chat on this topic. You can read what other readers have said and post your own comments.

  • South China Morning Post
    This Hong Kong-based English-language newspaper is a great source for news and analysis about Hong Kong, China, and beyond.

Stories and Other Texts top ^
  • The Many Roads to Japan
    This is an interactive, downloadable story about the adventures of a foreigner who is searching for his identity. You can read the story in stages, try the questions and exercises after each chapter and listen to the author read the answers to you, or go to one of the many related links to get extra information on the issues which interest you.

  • Loyal Books
    You can find a great collection of free public domain audiobooks and ebooks of different levels at Loyal Books.
  • The Moonlit Road
    If you like mystery and ghost stories, this is the site for you! There are lots of ghost stories and strange folktales which you can listen to and read as well. You can even read the script and listen at the same time.

  • Short Stories
    This site has a wide range of short stories of different types, including humour, romance, sci-fi, non-fiction, horror and crime.

    Here, you can access to real books through the Internet. You will find the full and unabridged texts of classic works of English literature, fiction from authors like Lewis Carroll, Jack London, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and many others.
  • Reader’s Digest
    This site has a wide range of short articles of different topics, including health, food, advice, culture and so on.