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Examination Information and Study Tips top ^
  • IELTS information * (HKBU Language Centre)
    This site provides a basic introduction to the IELTS examination with many links to useful HKBU resources. There are also preparation and examination tips and a short-term study plan to follow.

  • Official IELTS site *
    If you are not familiar with the IELTS examination, the official site is the best place to start. Here you can find any information you need to know about the format, content, procedures and requirements of the examination. There are also sample exam questions for you to view. - General Information - Downloadable booklet

  • IELTS Preparation Hints
    This site lists practical things to do before and during the test in order to reduce stress, plus examination techniques. It also has information on skills required for each part of the test, detailed instructions on how the test will be run, and tips on how to approach each part of the test.

Skills Training top ^
  • Study Skills Success * (All skills)
    This program has modules to take you through each of the four skill areas that are tested in the IELTS examination - listening (‘Listening’ module), speaking (‘Speaking’ module), reading (‘Reading’ module) and writing (‘Writing’ and ‘Visuals’ modules). There are also modules on ‘Grammar’ and ‘Vocabulary’ to help you develop better strategies to deal with these areas.

  • Road to IELTS * (All skills)
    This is an IELTS Preparation program subscribed to by HKBU library. There are modules on each of the four skills arranged under topic headings, plus vocabulary development exercises to match each topic.

  • IELTS Test Preparation (Writing Task 1, Listening, Reading)
    Although there is not a lot of material on this site, there is a section on the language needed for describing graphs (Part 1 of the writing test) which is especially good. There are also a few listening and reading activities.

  • Introduction and steps to writing a graph description * (Writing Task 1)
    Don't know what IELTS Task 1 writing is all about? Read this introduction and sample text, and find out the steps you need to take to be able to write a good graph description report.
    Introduction and steps to writing a graph description

  • Writing about Graphs and Charts * (Writing Task 1)
    This is a very full site which guides you through the process of graph description and provides many exercises for you to practice as well as sample graph descriptions to read.

  • EAP Writing Exercises (Writing Task 2)
    This site offers help with IELTS-style writing tasks. There are examples of essay writing, with exercises to help you better understand the organisation and grammar required.

  • IELTS Speaking Section 1: Introduction * (Speaking)
    Download and complete this document to help you practice and prepare for the 1-2 minute introductory section of the IELTS speaking interview.
    IELTS Speaking Section 1 - Introduction

  • Conversation Questions * (Speaking)
    This site has lists of conversation questions grouped under different topics, which are similar to those tested in the IELTS examination. It would be very helpful in practicing for sections 2 and 3 of the speaking module.

  • British Council - LearnEnglish - IELTS * (All skills)
    This website is maintained by the British Council. You can find practice materials and advice to help you prepare for the listening, speaking, reading and writing modules of the IELTS test and grammar exercises.

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