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Basics of Business Communications | Writing | Listening | Speaking | Grammar

Basics of Business Communications top ^

Writing top ^
  • English in the Workplace
    Scroll down to ‘Business Letters, Memos and E-mails’ and ‘Report Writing’ and you will find links to exercises on how to write different types of business correspondence.

Listening top ^
  • Learning English - Ten Days (BBC)
    This is a ten-part interactive intermediate Business English course. Follow the experiences of two young executives as they travel to attend a conference. Choose between ‘a good day’and ‘a bad day’ then begin with ‘Video’ and follow the program through. Tapescripts are available for all the listening tasks.

Speaking top ^
  • Business Presentations and Public Speaking in English
    This site goes through all the steps necessary to complete a successful oral presentation. There is an especially helpful section on the language needed for different parts of the presentation, and a quiz is included at the end.

  • Participating in Workplace Discussions and Negotiations
    Under ‘Participating in Workplace Discussions and Negotiations’ at the bottom of this page there are links to a wealth of information on different aspects of spoken business English, including pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, expressions and telephoning English.

Grammar top ^