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Examination Information top ^
  • Official TOEFL site
    To find out about the new iBT (Internet-Based Testing) format of the TOEFL examination, go to ‘About the Test’ on this site for a test overview, information on test content and FAQs. You can also select ‘Prepare for the Test’ to watch a video tour giving an overview of the test and for test preparation tips and materials.

  • English Club: TOEFL
    This site gives much detailed information about the format and the kinds of questions you will get in the TOEFL exam. There are also sample exercises with answers for all 4 skills.

Skills Development top ^

Test Practice top ^

The sites listed below give test practice or exercises in the TOEFL format. For more general skills development, go to our other SALL on the web pages: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. The Vocabulary, Grammar or IELTS pages may also be helpful.

  • English Club: TOEFL
    This site gives much information about the format and the kinds of questions you will get in the TOEFL exam. There are sample exercises with answers and feedback for all 4 skills including speaking and writing. The listening section should provide especially good practice.

  • Exam English
    There is an iBT reading and listening test on this site. There are also grammar and vocabulary tests based on the old TOEFL format. Although grammar and vocabulary are not directly tested in the new TOEFL, these would still be helpful as they cover key language areas in academic and examination English.

Vocabulary Development top ^

The following sites feature colloquial American idioms and slang. For more general vocabulary development, refer to the Vocabulary page.

  • Idioms
    This page is good for examples of idiomatic expressions - you can look one up by using an alphabetical index and get a definition and an example of the idiom in context.

  • Idiom Dictionary
    This site contains an alphabetical index of idioms with explanations, examples and pictures to illustrate the examples. Every day a new idiom is featured on the home page, so you can go to the site and learn a new one each day!

  • The Idiom Connection
    On this site you will find explanations of hundreds of idioms organized under topics as well as in alphabetical order. There is a quiz after each section so you can test yourself.

HKBU Library Resources top ^