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Grammar Quizzes & Exercises top ^
  • The ESL Quiz Center
    This site is part of Dave ‘s ELS Cafe, and has a few quizzes on grammar points that students often make mistakes in.

  • Scrambled Sentences
    Practice your ability to put sentences together with the games on this site. Some are very easy; others are more difficult.

  • Grammar bytes
    Find detailed explanation of common grammar terms in this website. In addidtion, you can test your knowledge by working on the fun Interactive Exercises.

  • Grammar Quizzes
    Grammar-Quizzes contrasts points of grammar and provides examples, explanations, practices and interactive quizzes for adjectives, verbs, prepositions, clauses, phrases, expressions and much more!

Business English top ^
  • PostscriptMagazine (Linguarama)
    Postscript is an online magazine especially to help English learners with business English. You can choose exercises according to topic, or select from the vocabulary, grammar or reading links.

Common Errors/ Proofreading top ^
  • CityU Error Correction Project
    Here you will find a table listing 13 types of grammar errors commonly made by Hong Kong university students. There is a page concentrating on each error type, including instruction and exercises with answers.

  • Common Errors
    Click on the ‘Common Errors’ link to find many exercises on grammar and vocabulary errors commonly made by Hong Kong students. This site is part of Hong Kong Polytechnic University's writing site on Help with Final Year Projects.

  • Study Skills Success
    This program is specifically designed to help you prepare for the IELTS examination, but will also help with general study skills required for higher education. The ‘Grammar’ module covers key grammar points in academic reading and writing and also helps you isolate and work on your own grammar errors.

  • Exam English - Grammar Tests
    Click on ‘Structure Test 1’, ‘Structure Test 2’, or ‘Structure Test 3’ for three proofreading tests. Based on the old TOEFL grammar test format, these tests cover grammar errors often made in students ‘ academic work.

  • English in the Workplace
    This business English site by Hong Kong Polytechnic University has a section on grammar and vocabulary errors often made by Hong Kong students. Scroll down to the heading ‘Writing Workplace Correspondence’ and you will find many links to different grammar points.

Grammar Reference Sites top ^
  • Grammar & Tenses
    Here you will find clear explanations and examples on a number of basic grammar points which are essential to master in order to be able to use English well.

  • On Line English Grammar
    This site provides good grammar explanations and examples. Use the ‘Subject Index’ to search the grammar point of your choice.

  • The Tongue untied
    This site offers you help on grammar, punctuation and style. You can learn more about the major components of English grammar and syntax here.

Grammar Reference Book top ^