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Dr. SINGH Rita Gill
Senior Lecturer


Doc, Leicester
MSc, Leicester
MEd (ELT), Sheffield
RSA CELTA, Cambridge

Telephone: 3411 7362
Office: OEM902(C)

  • Business communication
  • English in the workplace
  • Materials development
  • Teaching methodology
  • Corporate communication

  • Principal Investigator of the Teaching Development Grant - Creating an Online Business English Learning Platform to Prepare University Students to Meet the Demands of the Workplace
  • Co-investigator of the Teaching Development Grant - Developing Speaking Materials for the Special Needs of HKBU Students


Journal Articles

  • Ngai, C.S.B., & Singh, R.G. (2020). Relationship between persuasive metadiscoursal devices in research article abstracts and their attention on social media. PLoS ONE 15(4):e0231305
  • Ngai, C.S.B., Einwiller, S., & Singh, R.G. (2019). An exploratory study on content and style as driving factors facilitating dialogic communication between corporations and publics on social media in China. Public Relations Review. DOI: 10.1016/j.pubrev.2019.101813 (SSCI)
  • Ngai, C.S.B., Singh, R.G., & Koon, A.C. (2018). A discourse analysis of the macro-structure, metadiscoursal and microdiscoursal features in the abstracts of research articles across multiple science disciplines. PLoS One, 13(10): e0205417.
  • Ngai, S.B., & Singh, R.G. (2018). Reading beyond the lines: Themes and cultural values in corporate leaders’ communication. Journal of Communication Management, 22(2), pp.212-232.
  • Ngai, S.B., & Singh, R.G. (2017). Move structure and communication style of leaders’ messages in corporate discourse: A cross-cultural perspective. Discourse & Communication, 11 (3), 276-295. (SSCI)
  • Ngai, S.B., & Singh, R.G. (2015). Using Dialectics to Build Leader-Stakeholder Relationships: An Exploratory Study on Relational Dialectics in Chinese Corporate Leaders’ Web-Based Messages. International Journal of Business Communication, pp. 1–27.
  • Ngai, Sing-bik, & Singh, R.G. (2014). Communication With Stakeholders Through Corporate Web Sites: An Exploratory Study on the CEO Messages of Major Corporations in Greater China. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 28(3), pp.1- 43. (SSCI)

Book Chapter

  • Ngai, S.B., & Singh, R.G. (2015). Communication styles embedded in the bilingual e-messages of corporate leaders in Greater China. In Ng, P. & Ngai, S.B. (Eds)., Role of language and corporate communication in Greater China: From academic to practitioner perspectives. Heidelberg; New York: Springer. ISBN: 978-3-662-46880-7.

Conference Award

  • Best Theoretical Paper Award at Corporate Communication International’s Conference on Corporate Communication 2015

Conference Presentations

  • Singh, R.G. (2015). Presented a co-authored paper titled “Developing a Thematic Categorization System for Leaders’ Web-based Communication in Greater China.” Presentation at the Conference on Corporate Communication 2015 held from 2 to 5 June 2015 at Baruch College, City University of New York, USA.
  • Singh, R.G. (2013). Co-presented a paper entitled “Language Modes and Inter-textual Translation of Leaders’ E-messages in Hong Kong and China” with Ngai, Sing-bik. Presentation at the 2013 Third International Conference on Languages, Literature and Linguistics held from 8 to 9 December 2013 in Sydney, Australia. The conference proceedings were published in the International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research 68(4).
  • Singh, R.G. (2013). Co-presented a paper entitled “Communication with Stakeholders through Corporate Websites: An Exploratory Study on the CEO Messages of Major Listed Corporations in Greater China” with Ngai, Sing-bik. Presentation at the Conference on Corporate Communication 2013 held from 4 to 7 June 2013 at Baruch College, City University of New York, USA.


Credit-Bearing Courses Taught:

  • University English I
  • University English II
  • English through Films and Short Stories
  • Advanced Academic English
  • Humanities English Skills I and II
  • Foundation English Skills I and II

Supplementary Courses Taught:

  • Professional Business Writing
  • Professional Business Speaking
  • Professional Business Writing & Speaking
  • English Bridging Course
  • IELTS Preparation Course (Speaking & Listening)
  • IELTS Preparation Course (Reading & Writing)
  • Intensive IELTS Preparation Course (Speaking & Listening)
  • Intensive IELTS Preparation Course (Speaking)
  • Activate Your Spoken Grammar for IELTS
  • Improving Your Speaking
  • Honours Project Writing for Business
  • Honours Project Writing for Social Sciences
  • Honours Project Writing for Science
  • Honours Project Writing for Arts, Business and Social Sciences
  • Writing Enhancement Service (WES)
  • English Language Mentoring Service (ELMS)

Workshops Conducted:

  • Techniques in Writing Job Application Letters and Resumes/CVs 
  • Job Interview Skills
  • Jazz up your Resume/CV!