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Dr NG Hok Chung (吳學忠)
中文組主任 / 高級講師

資歷: Ph.D (Beijing Normal University)
MPhil in Chinese Language and Literature (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
B.A. (Hons.) in Chinese Language and Literature (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
電話: 3411 5851
辦公室: OEM805(H)


Ng Hok Chung is currently Head of the Chinese Section of Language Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University. He has a PhD in Chinese (Beijing Normal University) and an MPhil in Chinese Language and Literature (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).His research interests include Chinese language teaching and Chinese literature.

  • 中國語文教學 Chinese Language teaching
  • 中國文學 Chinese literature

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  • LANG 1480 / GCLA 1005 University Chinese 大學中文
  • LANG2025 / LANG 2260 Chinese Writing for Business and Public Administration 商業及公共事務中文寫作
  • LANG 1170 Communication in Modern Chinese
  • LANG 1220 Modern Chinese Writing I (Sociology)
  • LANG 1230 Modern Chinese Writing II (Sociology)
  • LANG 1340 Chinese For Academic Purposes (Computing Studies)
  • LANG 1360 Chinese For Academic Purposes (Computer Science)
  • LANG 1362 Chinese For Academic Purposes (Humanities)
  • LANG 1430 Writing Skills in Modern Chinese (China Studies)
  • LANG 1440 Modern Written Chinese (Physical Education and Recreation Management)
  • LANG 1530 Advanced Modern Written Chinese (Translation)