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Dr LU Dan Huai
Honorary Associate / Part-time Lecturer


Ph.D. (in secondary education, the University of Alberta, Canada)
M.A. (in linguistics and applied linguistics, Shanghai International Studies University, China)
Diploma (in English language and literature, Anhui University, China)

Telephone: 3411 5842
Office: OEE1016

Second language education, bilingual education and bilingualism, language teaching methodology, cross-cultural studies

07/05 - present Associate Professor, Language Center, Hong Kong Baptist University.
02/95 - 06/05 Assistant Professor, Language Center, Hong Kong Baptist University.
06/92 - 01/95 Counselor of Student Affairs, St. Luke's College, Edmonton, Canada.
05/92 - 01/95 Teacher, Edmonton Public Schools and Edmonton Catholic Schools, Canada.
07/83 - 12/88 Lecturer, Center for Linguistics and Foreign Literature, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai, China.
08/77 - 12/79 Assistant Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Anhui University, Hefei, China.



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