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目的: 提高本校同學的普通話表達能力。
對象:  所有由大學教育資助委員會資助 (UGC-funded) 的同學。
形式: 小組輔導,同學可自組小組(每組最多3 位),也可先個別報名,本中心代為分組。本學期輔導會以ZOOM進行。
課時:  每周一課時,共四周。
  1. 課堂上,導師會選取與學生日常生活、學習和工作相關的專題,例如: 旅遊、面試、社交等,讓同學通過個人短講、對話和小組討論等課堂活動,進行普通話說講和會話練習。
  2. 導師會根據每位同學的表現,從語音,詞彙和語法等方面給予個別指導。
預期學習成效:  同學完成輔導後,普通話的說講能力應有所提高,在日常生活、社交和工作中,能運用較標準的普通話語音和規範的詞彙與人溝通。
報名:  網上報名
截止報名日期:  2021年1月29日
  1. 請同學於報名後三個工作日內把一段約一分半鐘的自我介紹(普通話)錄音交到語文中心辦公室OEE1203或電郵至
  2. 我們會在收到報名表格及錄音後,儘快為同學配對導師。成功獲配對的同學會收到電郵通知首次上課的日期、時間、地點。
  3. 經常無故缺課的同學會喪失再次參加改善普通話說講課的權利。
查詢: 如有查詢,請致電 3411-5804

Putonghua Speaking Enhancement Service for International Students

Aim: Putonghua Speaking Enhancement Service for International Students aims at helping non-Chinese speaking students to improve their Putonghua speaking skills.

Target: All UGC-funded* non-Chinese speaking undergraduate degree or exchange students.
Study Mode: Small group tutorials (conducted via ZOOM).
Period: An one-hour meeting per week, four weeks in total.
Enrolment: Online registration
Deadline: 29 January 2021
  1. Please hand in a recording to introduce yourself in Putonghua (1.5 mins.) to the General Office (OEE1203, Oen Hall Building, HSH Campus) or submit it via email to within three working days after online registration.
  2. We will proceed with the matching process upon receipt of your registration form and recording. Successful applicants will receive an email about the date, time and venue of the first session.  
  3. If you miss appointments frequently without giving your tutor advance notice you may be barred from using the service in the future.
Inquiry: Please feel free to call 3411-5804 for enquiries. For students who are not sure whether they are enrolled in UGC-funded undergraduate / exchange programmes, please send a copy of your Student ID Card by email to for checking.
Quota is limited. Act Now!