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Foreign Languages Credit-bearing Courses *

FREN1005 French I #
FREN1006 French II
FREN1007 Introductory French Language and Culture
FREN2005 French III #
FREN2006 French IV
FREN3005 French V #
FREN3006 Contemporary French Society through Its National Cinema
GERM1005 German I #
GERM1006 German II
GERM2005 German III #
GERM2006 German IV
GERM3005 Business German
GERM3006 Creative Writing in German
GERM3007 German Language, Culture and Society #
GERM3015 German V #
JPSE1005 Japanese I #
JPSE1006 Japanese II
JPSE1007 Exploring Japanese Language, Culture and Society #
JPSE2005 Japanese III #
JPSE2006 Japanese IV
JPSE3005 Japanese V #
JPSE3006 Business Japanese #
SPAN1005 Spanish I #
SPAN1006 Spanish II
SPAN2005 Spanish III #
SPAN2006 Spanish IV
SPAN3005 Spanish V

To register for credit-bearing courses, please go to AR (Academic Registry) - BUniPort (University Cyber Port System)
# Offered in Term 1, 2019-2020 [Note:  Classes may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment]

Please note the new course scheduling of the Language Centre’s Foreign Language Credit-bearing courses (from Semester 1, academic year of 2012-2013, onwards):

  • Modules I and III (e.g. Japanese I, German III) are offered in Semester 1 of each academic year
  • Modules II and IV (e.g. Spanish II, French IV) are offered in Semester 2
  • Module V and other credit-bearing courses (e.g. Japanese V, Introductory French Language and Culture) can be offered in Semester 1 and/or Semester 2

1. Modules are run only if there is sufficient enrollment.
2. The Language Centre will make the final decision on the Modules to be offered in each semester.

Foreign Languages Supplementary Courses (Non Credit-bearing Courses) **

SUPF1010 French I (Part 1)
SUPF1020 French I (Part 2)
SUPF1060 History of French Fashion
SUPG1010 German I (Part 1)
SUPG1020 German I (Part 2)
SUPJ1010 Japanese I (Part 1)
SUPJ1020 Japanese I (Part 2)
SUPK1010 Korean I (Part 1)
SUPK1020 Korean I (Part 2)
SUPS1010 Spanish I (Part 1)
SUPS1020 Spanish I (Part 2)

* Supplementary Courses are open to UGC-funded undergraduate and postgraduate degree students as stipulated by the UGC, while foreign language courses (French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish) can be taken by non UGC-funded students (excluding those from the School of Continuing Education).

** Some courses may not be offered every semester. For the latest information regarding the Supplementary Courses offered, please refer to the online registration website. >>

Students who have fulfilled the attendance requirement of supplementary courses may apply for a Certificate of Attendance before a specified deadline. Please click here for details: