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Ms NG Tzi San, Angela
Section Head / Senior Lecturer


B.A. in English Language & Literature (HKBU)
M.A. in Language Studies (HKBU)

Telephone: 3411 5938
Office: OEE1001


Angela has always studied in Hong Kong except for the one year in Florence, Italy in which she participated in an international youth formation programme during the suspension of her undergraduate studies. After graduation, she worked as Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Demonstrator in the Department of English Language & Literature, Language Centre at HKBU and the Department of Management of Organizations at HKUST respectively. After she returned from the Philippines where she served as a voluntary worker in a social centre and taught English to some missionaries in 1996, she joined the Language Centre at HKBU again and since then has taught a variety of English courses and Italian to undergraduate and post-graduate students.  She served as Head of the Foreign Language Section from 2005 to 2011, the Coordinator of Information Technology from 2012 to 2014 and is currently the Head of English Section in the Language Centre. 


Her research interests are in the areas of classroom management, cross-cultural communication and discourse analysis.   She also serves as External Examiner for the Centre for Foreign Language & Culture at the United International College, Zhu Hai, HKBU and several English programmes offered by the Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong.


Consultancy and Professional service

  • External Examiner for the Centre for Foreign Language and Culture, United International College, Zhu Hai, Hong Kong Baptist University. (since 2010)
  • External Examiner for the Module Certificate in Vocational English (Level 3) programme, Vocational Training Council, HKSAR. (since 2011)
  • Project Team Member of a UGC funded Inter-institutional project entitled “Reinforcing the Importance of Academic Integrity and Ethics in Students through Blended Learning – A Deployment of Augmented Reality Applications” under the UGC Additional Funding for Teaching and Learning Related Initiatives in the 2012-2015 Triennium. Total funding: $7,985,880. (April 2014-March 2017)
  • Member, Community of Practice (COP) project entitled “Enhancing Students’ Graduate Attributes (Gas) through Problem Based Learning and Service Learning in Formal Academic Courses” under the Start-Up Funding for the Establishment of Communities of Practice (CoPs) in the 2012-2015 Triennium. Total funding: $499,760 (December 2013 to September 2015)
  • Co-investigator of a Teaching Development Grant project namely “ Developing Speaking Materials for the Special needs of HKBU students”, HKBU (Jan 2009- June 2009)
  • Co-investigator of a project entitled ‘Designing Tasks and Activities on Developing Vocabulary Skills for Tryout in Primary Schools’, English Language Education Section, Curriculum Development Institute, Education Development Bureau, HKSAR. (2007)
  • Co-investigator of a Faculty Research Grant funded research namely “The Use of Linguistic Politeness by Chinese students in emails”, HKBU.(2002-2003)
  • Course Developer for the In-service Teacher Development Course for promoting critical thinking, creativity and cultural awareness through language arts in primary school offered by the Education and Manpower Bureau, HKSAR. (2002 and 2003)



  • Ng, Angela (2018).  Co-delivered a presentation with Julia Chen and Christy Chan entitled “English Across the Curriculum: developing a mobile app to enhance students’ capstone writing” at the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference (IWAC) held from  4-6 June, 2018. in Auburn University, Alabama, USA. 
  • Ng, Angela (2018).  Co-delivered a presentation with Valeria Martinez entitled “A telecommunication E-learning for foreign language learning”  at the Conference Day on Teaching Excellence in the Big Data Era held on 25 May, 2018 at the Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 
  • Ng, Angela (2017).  Delivered a presentation entitled “Pokaemon Go in the Language Classroom: Enhancing Academic Integrity and Language Skills through an augmented reality application at the Lilly Conference Original held from 26-28 November, 2017, Miami University, Ohio, USA.  
  • Ng, Angela (2017).  Delivered a presentation entitled “The Developments of Communities of Practice at Hong Kong Baptist University” at the Community of Practice Forum held on 16 June 2017 at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 
  • Ng, Angela (2016).  Co-delivered a presentation with Theresa Kwong entitled, “Educating Ethical Leaders via AR Learning Trails” at the Reimagine Education Awards 2016 Conference held from  5-6 December, 2016 in Philadelphia, USA.  
  • Ng, Angela (2016).  Delivered a Presentation entitled “Pokemon Go in the Language Classroom” at the Colloquium on Networked Language Learning and Teaching in Today’s University on 24 September 2016 at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong. 
  • Ng, Angela (2016).  Delivered a presentation entitled “Assessing students’ problem solving skills and social responsibility across disciplines” at the COP Forum cum Launch of COP publications held on 23 August, 2016 at Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong.
  • Ng, Angela (2016). Presented a paper entitled “To Change or Not to Change” – the HKBU Experience at the Symposium on English Language Teaching and Learning held from 15-16 March 2016 at BNU – HKBU United International College, Zhuhai, China.
  • Ng, Angela (2016). Co-delivered a presentation with Lau, P. entitled “Comparing the Effectiveness of Two Problem-based Learning (PBL) Activities in a University Language Classroom” at International Symposium on Teaching, Education, and Learning (ISTEL) held from 3-5 July 2016 at Nagoya, Japan.
  • Ng, Angela (2015). Presented a paper entitled “Let the Language Teachers Deal with It” at the International Conference on the Development of English Across the Curriculum held from 14-15 December 2015 at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.
  • Ng, Angela (2015). Co-presented a paper entitled “The Impact of Peer-tutoring in a University Language Classroom” with Lau, P. at the Lilly International Spring Conference on Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning held from 28-31 May 2015 at Bethesda, Maryland, USA.


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