Peer Tutors

Language Enhancement Programme

Peer Writing Tutoring Programme (Semester 1, 2017-2018)



1. Aim

Under the Peer Writing Tutoring Programme, tutees will be able to develop their ability to plan, draft, revise and produce written work confidently and independently. With the assistance of a trained peer tutor, each tutee will learn to:

  • organize ideas in a logical and coherent manner;
  • refine and critically assess his or her own written work; and
  • work with his or her strengths and weaknesses as a writer.



2. Eligible Applicants

All UGC-funded Year 1 HKBU students who obtained a Level 3 or below in HKDSE English Language (or equivalent) are eligible to apply. Once a student is accepted as a tutee, he or she will be assigned a trained peer tutor, if available, and will receive guidance on University English 1’s writing assignments.



3. Consultation Sessions

  • Where
    Consultation sessions will be conducted in the Language Centre’s discussion rooms (i.e. OEM704, OEM705 and OEM706).

  • How Many
    The number of consultation sessions for each tutee will be determined by mutual agreement between the peer tutor and the tutee. Each tutee is expected to have at least three meetings with his or her peer tutor and each meeting will last approximately one hour.

  • What & How
    Each tutee will receive guidance at all stages of working on his or her University English I writing assignments, from pre-writing to revision. During each consultation session, the tutee will be asked questions about the content, organization and language of his or her assignments and offered suggestions on how to improve them.

  • What is not offered
    This programme does not offer proofreading services. (However, guidance is given to tutees on how to edit their writings by identifying their patterns of errors.)



4. Evaluation

After the final session, each tutee will be asked to complete a questionnaire to evaluate his or her learning experience.



5. Application

To apply, click here to download the application form. Then complete and email it to by 27 September 2017.



6. Important Dates

27 September 2017 Deadline for application
4 October 2017 Announcement of the assignment of peer tutors and of arrangements for consultation sessions
6-12 October 2017 Consultation sessions for the first assignment (Annotated Bibliography)
13 October 2017 First assignment (Annotated Bibliography) due
16 October – 9 November 2017 Consultation Sessions for the second assignment (Argumentative Essay Draft)
10 November 2017 Second assignment (Argumentative Essay Draft) due
11 November – 1 December 2017 Consultation Sessions for the second assignment (Argumentative Essay Final Version)
4 December 2017 Second assignment (Argumentative Essay Final Version) due