Writing Consultation Programme

The Language Centre has run the Peer Writing Tutoring Programme for four years to support the development of students’ writing skills. In Semester 2, 2018-2019, the Language Centre extends the consultation services to all UGC-funded students at the University under an initiative named Student-Tutor Writing Consultation Programme (SWCP) in conjunction with HKU and CityU.

Our peer tutors will provide one-on-one writing help for their tutees by giving advice at different stages of their writing, including planning, drafting, revising, and finalizing, in a friendly and supportive setting. 

The tutors are:
- Selected postgraduates and Year 3 or 4 undergraduates at HKBU
- Trained and supervised by the programme coordinators 

- Monday & Friday: Language Learning Oasis (OEM707)
- Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: Academic Commons on Level 2 of the Library 

- Monday to Friday, 10:30 am - 6:30 pm, from September 2018 to May 2019  
(There may be occasions that our tutors are absent from their sessions due to illness or emergency.
Please check the online schedule for updated information.) 

How to register? 
- Go to to view the available consultation sessions and register 
(Note: If you do not attend a consultation session as scheduled, you will not be able to book a session for the rest of the semester.
You may cancel your booking 24+ hours in advance.)

How to prepare?
- Upload your writing at least 2 days in advance before the consultation for the tutor to read and prepare. 
- If you want help on specific sections or aspects of your writing, please indicate them on your document. 
- Bring a hard copy of your writing with you to the consultation. 

Questions about the programme? 
- Email: 

What students say about this programme

“This programme allows me to discuss my writing with a peer in a friendly and relaxed manner. My tutor has helped me improve the organization, style and language use of my writing.”
“My tutor has given me detailed feedback on my writing and also suggested ways and useful references to improve my language and academic writing style.”
“A peer tutor could give us feedback on our writing from a student’s perspective. This  programme is flexible and convenient.”
“It is good to have a tutor who is like a friend to read through my writing. My peer
tutor really understood my problems and gave me useful suggestions.”
“Reading others’ writing and giving feedback actually helped me spot my own errors  and edit my own writing."
“This programme provides me with chances to communicate with peers in the

If you would like to be a tutor for the programme,
you may email us for more information.