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Language Enhancement Programme

Awards for the Most Popular Film Commentaries (Semester 1, 2014-2015)

2nd round of competition is now open!


The Awards for the Most Popular Film Commentaries is one of the language enhancement initiatives of the Language Centre.



The aims of the Awards are:

  • To arouse students' interest in learning English and Chinese (including Cantonese and Putonghua) through films
  • To encourage students to fully utilize the self-study resources in the Language Learning Oasis (OEM707)
  • To provide an exchange platform for students to share film commentaries written by themselves



Prizes for Awardees

A total of six film commentaries which attract the highest number of "Likes" from Facebook users will be awarded.

Prizes will be awarded to three film commentaries written in Chinese and three film commentaries written in English respectively as follows:

1st Prize $300 Film Gift Voucher
2nd Prize $250 Film Gift Voucher
3rd Prize $200 Film Gift Voucher

*If there is a tie, a lucky draw will then be held to determine the winner



Lucky Draw for Participants

All eligible students who post their film commentaries will be eligible to enter a lucky draw for a $60 film gift voucher. (A total of five vouchers are available.)




1. Interested students should post their film commentaries to the Language Centre’s Facebook Page with the following information:

  1. Title of the film
  2. Year of publication of the film

Word limit of each film commentary:
Around 150-200 words for English commentaries
Around 150-200 characters for Chinese commentaries

2. After posting their film commentaries, students should send an email to with the following information on the same day:

  1. Student number
  2. User name of his/her Facebook account
  3. Title of the film
  4. Year of publication of the film
  5. A copy of the film commentaries (specifying the number of words/characters)

3. Period for posting film commentaries and attracting any Facebook users to “Like” the commentaries:
From 9:00am, 22th September 2014 to 5:00pm, 9th January 2015



Eligibility and Regulations

  1. All HKBU UGC-funded undergraduate and postgraduate degree students are eligible to join.
  2. Each student is allowed to post a maximum of two film commentaries (one in Chinese and one in English). For students who post two film commentaries, they may choose to write commentaries for the same film or for two separate films. For students who write two commentaries for the same film, the commentary content should be different (i.e. the commentaries written in Chinese and in English should not be a translation of each other). The number of “Likes” for each film commentary posted will be counted separately. The “Likes” given by the writer of the film commentaries and/or the Language Centre shall not be counted.
  3. Any films with the original language in English or Chinese (including Cantonese and Putonghua) are welcome. Students are encouraged to watch the DVD/VCD films available in the Language Learning Oasis (OEM707) for writing commentaries.
  4. Each film commentary posted has to be the student’s own work. By posting a film commentary the student warrants that the work has not been previously published, does not infringe any copyright and is not otherwise subject to third party proprietary rights unless the student is the owner of such rights.
  5. By posting a film commentary, the student also grants the Language Centre a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, distribute, and make derivative works of the commentary for educational or promotional purposes.
  6. The Language Centre reserves the right to remove a commentary at its sole discretion.



Announcement of Results

Winners of the Awards will be notified by email and be invited to collect the film gift vouchers (in person from the Language Centre during office hours) around February 2015.




(Tel) 3411 7044 / 3411 2731 l (Email)



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