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Lucky Draw for Students Taking IELTS Prep Courses and the IELTS Test



UGC-funded students who have attended at least 85% of lessons in IELTS Prep Course(s) and have taken an IELTS test between 1 May 2017 and 30 April 2018 are eligible to enter a lucky draw for a $100 Pacific Coffee Gift Card. A total of 10 students will get a prize.



Application Procedures

Please bring along the following information to the General Office (OEE1203) of the Language Centre within two months after the IELTS test is held:

*Your name will not be recorded on the Test Result Form. The results are collected for statistical purposes only.



Results of the Lucky Draw

The results of the lucky draw will be announced by email in July 2018.



Useful Link for Students Taking IELTS Test

Awards for Outstanding Performance in the IELTS Test



Office Hours and Address

Please refer to




(Tel) 3411 5804 | (Email)